The two of us

The two of us
The happiest day of my life

Friday, March 19, 2010


Our little angel Noah Vann Matlock arrived at 7.18pm last evening. He weighed 7.19lbs and measured 20ins. HE IS BEAUTIFUL. Trudi was absolutely amazing giving all she had over such a long period of time. She has always been a trouper and yesterday was no exception. Coach Tyler was out on his own ...he was everywhere! comforting, coaching, blessing and staying by the little guy's side in Twin Falls...he is still there. Trudi was hooked up to soooo many fluids she could not leave...but I know it did not stop her from considering it. I am soooo proud of this young couple and the love they have for each other and Heavenly Father and feel it such a privilege to have been here.The star of the show NOAH was in for the long haul..his heartbeat matching his Mom's contractions every peak and hollow...all the way he hung in there and then off he went on his road trip with his Dad to St. Luke's in Twin Falls. The word from Dad is that he is doing great and his need for the ventilator is diminishing steadily. We are basically moving our base to Twin Falls to be with THE BOSS:o) and Trudi is more excited than I have ever seen her.......including her teenage crush on Vin Diesel. The thing I cannot understand is why she changed Noah's middle name from Dowdle to Vann j/k.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Just finished knitting a blanket for my little grandson Gavin that I started before he was even born.....just goes to show that you never fail until you stop trying.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Noah's coming! - Yeehaw

The time is fast approaching for our little treasure Noah to come and join us. What a lucky little guy Noah is! What a blessed family we are.....another little angel coming down to us! His ETA is right close to Paddy's Day... in typical Irish fashion. Mom and Dad aka TNT aka Trudi and Tyler are anxiously awaiting touchdown. Trudi is the luckiest have the renowned Coach Matlock as her personal trainer. I will be there (on the sidelines) cheering and a-whoopin' and a-hollerin'..within reason and paying due attention to the protocol of the siteation, naturally tee hee!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This just gets better!

I just realized I was following myself on me blog.....I can only improve at this.
On Saurday my baby girl Beverley was married to her sweetheart Lewis in San Diego.
It was a beautiful day with two of the beautiful people joining their lives together. Well, there were also some other beautiful people there, ahem! Seriously, it was a wonderful experience and brought such happiness to this heart. I have always considered myself one of the most blessed people with the kids I was blessed with and now to be smiled upon over and over with these awesome sons-in-law. Any Mom knows what a comfort it is to know that your little girl now has a knight in shining armor to defend and protect her always. I am so proud of both of you for all the trials and tribulations that you have overcome to be together and love you both soooooo very much. The opportunity to meet and spend time with Lewis family was a huge treat in itself. Looking forward to all reconvening at the Open House for Lewis and Beverley/Baby Shower for Trudi in Alamo most likely sometime in May of this year....when the other two beautiful people from Burley, ID will be joining us along with their little treasure:o)