The two of us

The two of us
The happiest day of my life

Friday, April 30, 2010

Teeny weeny baby chicks

Just after our goose Jill produced 11 goslings one of our hens produced 9 baby chicks. I found one of them still wet lying on his back, feet in the air sturggling to get upright. It was obvious he had been discarded by Momma as the other little chicks were walking right over the top of him. I took him inside and blew on him until his feathers fluffed up, gave him a drink of water and a name -Tweetie - original, right? He did not take any food much (I had mixed some starter with water and made a mash) but then I realized that his Momma would chew it first and then drop it in his tiny I tried that...Bingo!! I understand from Malcolm that bird's core temp is 102 degrees so I wrapped him up real warm in a sock and kept him inside my teeshirt. He chirped and chirped...this little guy is a real songbird:o) He survived the night which I did not think he did Malcolm who seemed totally oblivious to the chirping and tweeting all thru the night. Well then this am I noticed Momma out walking her other babies and another little one lagging behind....not wanting to interfere further with nature I just watched from a distance and could see he was having trouble keeping up. All the others would run after her and get in under her wing and she would wait and call and he would chirp and throw himself forward a few inches and then lay there heaving on the ground almost unable to breath. As soon as he would catch up and try to get in under her wing she would take off again! It seemd like an endurance test she was putting them all through. Not able to stand it any longer I chicknapped the little chick who was lagging behind and now the two little fosterchicks are cuddling together and keeping each other warm....they are both eating the stuff I am regurgitating (sp) and drinking tiny droplets of water from a syringe. I was concerned about Momma and the remianing seven chicks being out tonight as it is getting colder and there are strange critters who roam around our place at night.....some neighboring cats and perhaps a coyote and definitely a skunk ...phew! So....I decided I was going to split the hay house into two apartments with Jill & Co in the one side and Momma et al in the second one. Well....I nabbed the chicks one by one while she was putting them through their endurance test and she ran at me three times but missed....I got them all and put them in a washbasked lined with a towel in the hayhouse....and went after her. She was wondering around desperately searching for her babies....poor thing and by the time I could get anywhere close to her the little Houdini's had escaped from the towel-lined washbasket and came running out to her one by one. Before I could grab anybody she was gone on the trot and they were behind her......all passing the endurance test with flying colors. In under the old bathtub they went and I could not get any of them. Then I got three of the chicks and grabbed her by the foot, squaking and screeching I got her into a cage and went looking for the other four chicks....they hid down under the bathtub and I had to move it to grab them. Then I wrapped them up in the towel USPS style and tried to get her out of the cage. Success at last I got her into the hay house and went to grab the USPS towel! Well.....she went straight into the duck's side of the house and caused havoic....when I opened the door and let the seven little chicks in....Jill was hissing and spitting, the eleven little ducklings were half running half flying all over the place, the hen was screaming in the corner with her face hidden under some hay....totally tramatized and the seven little chicks ran straight into the water dish belonging to the ducks!!!!!! I swear I have never in my life found it soooooo hard to help someone. Just went down now and checked and both Mommas are snoozing with all their babies under them and there is not a sound. The two little 'houseguests' are also sleeping with full tummies.Love Josie :o)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The men in my life :o)

I'm very slow at the blogging....but hope to improve so I do not miss or lose any of those precious great is this whole idea of blogging! I am feeling particularly blessed today when I check out the blogs of my family and see all of the blessings I have received in my life all together on a few pages. Our two most recent blessings are Lewis and Noah. Lewis is my new son-in-law who is married to Beverley and they live in San Diego. He is a wonderful young man, another choice and noble son-in-law. When the Lord first blessed my life with Kim's Sam I could not believe there could ever be another so valiant and wonderful and then along came Mandy's Lucas....even to say his name brings a smile to your heart......then Trudi's Tyler came into our lives....words cannot even express the attributes of this young man....I was recently privileged to witness his spirit soar and am humbled by his strength and valor. Now it seemed my cup was overflowing with wonderful sons-in-law and then I truly came to know and appreciate Beverley's Lewis and can't hardly believe that I have been blessed yet again so abundantly with another Knight in Shining Armor for my youngest princess Beverley. It warms my heart to see how happy Lewis makes Beverley and how happy they both are in their life:o) Any Mom knows there is nothing so comforting and delicious as to know that your precious children are loved, cherished and cared for so well. I want Lewis to know how much I love him and what a joy he is to me and to all of us and how grateful I am that he never wavered in his commitment to Beverley and the happy ever after. I deem it a real privilege to call him my friend..not to mention the fact that he has a most healthy appreciation of one of lifes most crucial necessities....chocolate:o)

Then there is Noah......I feel there will be volumes written about this Little Prince (not to take away for one moment from the other little princes and princesses with whom I have been blessed) This little guy has personality with a capital P:o) He is only gorgeous, a fighter....yet calm as a lake in himself....has a smile that seems to be 'built-in'........soooooo cuddly yet independent...even at his tender age.......the BOSS for sure....Trudi and Tyler are already wrapped around the finger and just sit gazing adoringly at him. What a lucky little boy he is! How my heart swelled when I heard his first cry and how it soared when I saw his beautiful glow. He truly is a Prince.....his Father is a King.........King of Kings:o)

This blog would not be complete without mention of the other wonderful men in my life. Scott my son who is the cream in my barley cup and was the 'only man in my life' for a quite a while. Scott has filled my life with joy and happiness and lots and lots of surprises. He has a kind and generous heart and is an awesomely brilliant musician with a great voice. He has been blessed with a really keen intellect and tons and tons of charisma. He would seriously charm the birds right out of the trees. He wrapped me around his heart the moment I first saw him and I am more grateful for him than I could ever put into words.

When I met and married Malcolm almost four years ago, his son Nathaniel came into my life. Nathaniel means a gift from God:o)This young man accepted me and included me and showed me love. We have had lots of ups and downs since then which has given me lots of insight into his unconditional loving and forgiving nature. His constant respect to his Father is an indicator both of his love for him and his true and loyal heart. My life has been enriched by knowing Nathaniel and I hope he knows that I love him as if he were my own.

And this brings me to Malcolm...last but of course not least, my husband, my buddy and my anam cara. Malcolm is the best person who ever happened to me. Our almost-four-year-old marriage has

been a rollercoaster so far. Two broken vessels with yours and mine but no ours to bond us together and enough luggage between us to fill Grand Central Station is a tall order. I am very happy to say because we truly love each other and because we are in total agreement about the most important truths in life we are richly blessed. Together we have learned that marriage is a twenty-four seven job, hard work but the benefits are great and we know that the retirement plan is out of this world:o) I love him with my whole heart and I always will. I know he loves me too.

Well I am truly humbled by the blessings of each one of these 'men in my life' and I am grateful beyond description and want them to know I love them.

PS. Noah is in with the men because he is the new star in my sky.....I will be writing about my other 'little treasures' on a later blog.